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Hurricane Ike



Water spashes over the seawall
at 103rd & FM-3005



Texas MSN Task Force
Emergency Response Unit




Salvation Army
Satellite Communications Unit



Brad Hart of Big Sky Mobile Showers
Missoula, Montana



Shaving and wash area provided
by Big Sky Mobile Showers



Big Sky Mobile Showers
Women's shower unit

Big Sky provided about 700
showers each day to first responders





Wash area before meal time



Incident Catering Services
at first responders staging area
Moody Gardens




Dining tent for first responders













First responders and service
personnel in dining tent




Firefighters from Stafford, Texas
unload bottled water at Jamaica Beach



Pearland firefighters bring water
to Jamaica Beach
(L-R) Oscar Allision, Edgar Rios



Jamaica Beach firefighter Chris Norregaard
and partner Chester



Police checkpoint at entrance to
Jamaica Beach



Glenn Blackmore of Santa Fe, NM (L) with
DPS Sgt. Robert Harjasoso of San Antonio
District.  Blackmore donated the ambulance
shown in this photo to the Shriners Burns Clinic
after theirs was destroyed by Hurricane Ike



Red Cross first aid tent
for responders



Deputy checking a vehicle
passing through the checkpoint



Officers at causeway checkpoint
taking a break



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