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Audit: Baltimore County needs to improve sexual assault investigations
Officials say progress has been made, issues reflect those in other departments nationwide
Woman who says Texas cop removed her tampon during public search reaches settlement
Lawyer: If the $205,000 settlement is not approved by city council next week, suit will go to trial
Wis. police officer gives mom car seats instead of ticket
Officer Kevin Zimmerman purchased them after seeing kids riding without car seats during a traffic stop
10 things cops hate
From uniform inspections to being lied to, there's no shortage of things that drive officers crazy
2 Iowa deputies stable after being shot serving arrest warrant
Someone inside the apartment the officers were responding to was also shot
Video: Idaho trooper nearly hit while investigating crash
His department posted a dashcam video of the collision on Twitter, urged people to drive carefully around LE
How police and emergency medical response mesh at critical incidents
How can first responders address their individualized priorities while sharing the same goals?
Photo of the Week: Think pink
Chicago police superintendent found lying in car; requests investigation
There were no charges of intoxication; department spokesman says medication may be to blame
NYPD officer fatally shoots wanted man after he flees traffic stop
Officers used a TASER on suspect during traffic stop, pursued him when he fled scene
Texas deputy recovering after being shot at second job
The LEO was working security at a restaurant, was shot in the arm during a robbery
Fla. sheriff fires deputy whose gun discharged in school cafeteria
An investigation found he was fidgeting with his service pistol when it went off during a lunch period
Video released of gunfire-filled pursuit, OIS of UPS truck hijacker
Officer Nicholas Bronte was later cleared of criminal liability
How patrol car technology is improving operations
The array of technology in today’s police vehicles adds markedly to their utility and safety for the officers who operate them
Miss. police release body-camera video of OIS
Toussaint Diamon Sims was fatally shot after a vehicle pursuit
Thermal imaging makes picturing the invisible possible for law enforcement
The world’s largest thermal imaging maker offers a monocular that takes surveillance to a new level
Detectives across US grill serial killer, close cold cases
Detectives across the nation are interviewing Samuel Little with the hopes of identifying more of his victims
Report: Fla. officers violated policies when pushing suspect off roof
Video released to public shows a sergeant telling an officer to 'just push' suspect
Fla. officer who fatally shot woman in academy exercise won't serve time
Lee Coel sentenced to 10 years probation, must pay restitution to victim's husband
NY block party shootout suspect in custody
Kyle Williams is being held on murder, attempted murder and endangerment charges


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