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Balancing the Badge to Make a Difference
Jim Kalinowski
 1 Comment   Last Comment at 11/6/2018 3:35:56 PM

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How one Calif. SRO is helping kids be safer on social media
Inappropriate posts can have an adverse effect on a kid's future many years down the line
White nationalist groups sue Va. city, police
White nationalist group Identity Evropa and neo-Nazi groups National Socialist Movement and Traditionalist Worker’s Party filed against the city in federal court
Where cop cars double as ambulances
In Philadelphia, police often race shooting victims to the hospital rather than wait for paramedics. Experts in trauma and policing say more cities should consider it.
Using military organizational management to transform LE ops
The War on Terror forced the military to abandon traditional hierarchical organizational structures and streamline operations, creating best practices police can adapt
How military research has influenced police products and tactics
Law enforcement and the public they serve benefit every day from advances developed in military research
How a military approach to training could improve police skills
Modern LE could learn much from how the military prepares its people to accomplish difficult tasks in challenging environments
10 leadership lessons for LE from the military
Your subordinates will look to you for answers in the moment of truth. Will you be ready for them?
What LE can learn from the operational environment of today’s battlefield
General Stanley McChrystal’s experience fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq offers key lessons on how to lead in a changing and unpredictable environment
Performance under fatigue: Lessons from the military
Staying awake isn’t the only goal of fatigue management – being tired is dangerous for everyone
How to help Calif. wildfire first responders
Here are some ways you can give back to first responders who are responding to the wildfires, often as they lose their own homes


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